Our Story

We can all agree that healthcare is way too expensive and is extremely inefficient.  We are convinced there is a more efficient way to deliver better, cost effective and appropriate care.  Our founders are a Mayo-trained orthopedic surgeon committed to the delivering the most efficient care and treatment solution and a healthcare change management and innovation entrepreneur.  We believe the best way to deliver care is get to the expert immediately. MDDirect is our nation's first direct to specialty care solution.


If you have a knee injury, why are you going to a generalist? Get to the best knee physician in the country, quickly!


After some of our work with the largest healthcare brands in the country there seemed to be a gap in understanding how to fix the problem.  The way our current system is designed and delivered does not empower the patients and employees. With MDDirect we believe the combination clinical expertise and a more efficient care model we can deliver higher quality healthcare at a more reasonable price.


The conversation in healthcare today centers around multiple storylines the one MDDirect feels is most overlooked, yet most important, is designing a solution that fixes the root cause.  Getting to the expert immediately.

Our Name:

We looked at over 5000 reviews of the best physicians in the country and found two key themes in almost every 5 star rating.  

“Knowledgeable” and “Efficient”

Leading to MDDirect, the nation's first direct to specialty care provider.  Getting you to the experts.