You can't get a different result by doing the same thing.

It takes an insider to undo an entrenched system. Our experience with physicians sets us apart.

What is the problem?

After reviewing hundreds and thousands of healthcare claims, (where the rubber hits the road) it became painfully obvious.

We have a swollen care model

We have flipped it upside down. Get to the experts first for the care you need.

Delay in diagnosis is the largest cause of high cost claims

With the smartest clinical minds in the country we sat and reviewed half a million claims. We then mapped out the most efficient process.

Using technology to enable physicians to connect to the right patients

We use technology such as telemedicine, nurse triage lines and diagnostic apps to immediate diagnose and treat patients in the most accurate manner.

The pillars of 

our company

1. Evidence based
2. Clinician meets technology
3. Data driven

What can you do?

This requires new stakeholders. Typically people think of doctors, nurses, hospitals and insurance companies to make the change. This change needs to include employers, insurance brokers, human resource and finance leaders.

1. Look at your data
2. Start asking questions
3. Be improvement focused
4. Speak to someone at MDDirect

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