Top 10 Employee Benefits and Types of Employee Benefits

October 30, 2020

Here is our list of top 10 employee benefits for 2020 outside of the standard health, vision, dental benefits:

#10 Pet Friendly - 15% of companies offer pet insurance

#9 Paid Leave - 80% of employees live paycheck to paycheck

#8 Transportation - commute has been routinely surveyed as the worst part of everyone's day.  Companies are turning to shuttles and buses to help ease the stress

#7 Family Planning - Paid maternity leave and fertility services attract and retain employees.

#6 Transgender Inclusive healthcare benefits - 30% of employers are offering coverages for procedures such as cosmetic procedures and mastectomies

#5 Tech - Company owned business phones and devices for business and personal use.  Subsidies for internet and phone systems. 

#4 Flexible Scheduling -   Poor work life balance has been one of the largest

#3 Mental Health - Resources available to support 

#2 Work from home - the ability to work from home for more than a day per week has been very popular and with the virus it will become mainstay

#1 Financial wellness - Money causes the most stress 60% according to PWC in the lives of employers.  It was the top choice across all generations.   

Rising healthcare premiums press on employers to review their healthcare program.   Efficient use of employees' contribution is a great way to separate employers to attract and retain talent.  

Any way you can reduce the stress of employees will go a long way.