4 Reasons Why Getting To An Expert First Leads to Better Healthcare

November 19, 2020

You are sitting in a clinic waiting room with shoulder pain.  Sharp pain wakes you up in the middle of the night.   According to symptom research on Google, it’s possible your arm will need to be removed.  Little do you know, this is the first of 8 visits (on average).

Now imagine you have 500 employees. You can expect 1528 visits per year just in musculoskeletal care for your employees* (38.4 incidence rate from Bureau of Labor Statistics).

That is a lot of time and money spent waiting.

We have the healthcare experience backwards.  Gatekeepers are holding us back from getting the care we need.


We wait…….. and wait…………. and finally ……. we get to the expert.  In this case, we get to an orthopedic surgeon LAST.


We have tried benefits such as basic telemedicine, nurse lines, app based physical therapy and more.  It is like trying to put out a fire with a single glass of water. 

 We need to put out the fire before it begins.

We do that by getting the correct diagnosis immediately.

1- The Need for Better Diagnoses

Take for example one of our patients Jim (identity has been changed).  


He came to us with a major back surgery scheduled in 2 weeks.  He was hesitant about the 3 - 6 months of recovery time.  

His HR director suggested he fill out an MDDirect assessment.  He did.  Jim and his wife had a conference call with an MDDirect surgeon that day to discuss his symptoms and treatment options.

The MDDirect surgeon recommended an oral steroid after discussion on the patients concerns and care goals.  The diagnosis was confirmed and administered by Jim's physician.


He felt immediate relief and postponed his surgery.

6 weeks later Jim was 80% better and cancelled his surgery.  


Few doctors are experts in every single condition.  This leads to misdiagnosis or a delay in proper diagnosis.  In Jim’s case he was “prescribed” surgery as the only and best solution.

2 - Financial complications

We have found what we call a “Rush to Surgery.” Jim’s case was a classic example.

Costs on average for knee treatments

Reimbursements for treatments are very different and it is impacting clinical decision making.

Having a trusted physician is the best way to help you navigate.  Our patients describe it as having a doctor in the family.  

3 - Spend time with an expert

Physicians are busy.  Appointments in most clinics and hospitals are sometimes as short as 15 minutes. Specialists are rushed into their next appointment.  


Getting directly to the expert gives patients back their valuable time. 

In one of our customers we have taken the average number of visits from:

8 to 4! 

4 - Skip the front of the line

Merritt Hawkins Survey of Wait Times

According to the graphic, 15 days in Minneapolis to see an orthopedic surgeon.

The best physicians take longer, 180 Days or 6 MONTHS!   This time is spent visiting other less qualified practitioners OR at home painfully waiting. 


Now imagine getting to that surgeon in 48 hours


Getting to an expert has given our customers truckloads of savings.  Imagine the relief of keeping premiums the same or even decreasing!

That is what 

5 to 1 ROI 

Feels like.  



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*This does not constitute as medical advice, if you have questions related to your care please refer to your physician.