Raising the standard of orthopedic care

We flip the model of treatment used today. We are committed to improving the effectiveness of care.

Accelerating Care

Delay in proper diagnosis is the leading cause in high costs for care.

We Have A Backwards Care Model

We have flipped it upside down. Delay in the correct recommendation leads to a longer treatment cycle.

Our Mission

Transform orthopedic care by empowering individuals with access to the specialists and information accelerating the best care outcomes.

Our Vision

To create a new kind of healthcare experience, one where access to care is simple, patient centric, data driven and outcome focused.

The Company Pillars

1. Data Driven
2. Continuous Improvement
3. Trust

What can you do?

This requires new stakeholders. Typically people think of doctors, nurses, hospitals and insurance companies to make the change. This change needs to include employers, insurance brokers, human resource and finance leaders.

1. Understand your problems
2. Review your current data against our benchmarks
3. Target a solution
4. Change the way we deliver care

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