Educational Content - Healthcare Industry

We have compiled some information on the healthcare industry we find important. 

Healthcare Industry Explainer

What role does everyone play in the "complex" industry of healthcare? 

We explain the role of each stakeholder and how they work together with a short video.

Choosing a Physician

Selecting a physician is one of the most influential part of your healthcare journey.  Who you select helps determine where your care ends up.  

This is what we recommend before you select them:
> Determine who is in your "insurance network" this can be done through your health insurance tools
> Ask the physicians you know in your network, whether it is a friend or someone you know, good recommendations always go a long ways
> Find one that specializes in your specific injury, whether that be shoulder, knee, hip, heart, ear nose and throat, etc.
> Google them and read their bio (more on that ->)
> Read online reviews and be detailed, look for the words knowledgable and efficient be very wary of online review sites for physicians, we have found a lot of discrepancy in the information
> Read about them from their online profile, great physicians will have a strong online presence
> Watch any videos they have on their website

We are searching for a way to find statistics on physicians that is easy to consume.  How do patients respond to their treatments from each physician is a question we have our clinical experts researching tirelessly.  
We find this to be complex and we will be writing about better ways to find the best physicians.  We are committed to finding the most actionable data to select a physician.


What to look for in a Physician's Bio: 
    - How long have they been in practice?  Usually the longer the better
    - Do they specialize in your injury?
    - Have they published any material in peer reviewed journals (usually this is referenced like: published 31 articles and 17 book chapters), we have found this means they are actively trying to learn more about the most up to date evidence based medicine
     - Do they speak at conferences?


Future State of Healthcare: Fee For Service (FFS) vs. Value Based Care (VBC)

One of the biggest shifts in healthcare is changing from the fee for service model payment and delivery model to value based healthcare. The US government and all of the payers are adopting this new strategy. 

The video explains the difference. 

Bundled Payment Surgical Benefit

Bundled payments is a form of value based care that is popular for orthopedic and getting momentum in cardiac care.  

The simple way to describe bundled payment surgical benefits is the whole surgical experience is included in one price and with one physician leading your care.  They are responsible if you have a complication and you get one bill.  

A video is also included for a visual representation.