You deserve outstanding care.

Get back to your active lifestyle. Specialist physicians give you rapid diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Any condition

We help with any orthopedic condition or disease. Anything to do with bones and joints: Back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain. We can do it.

Any where

Wherever smartphones and computers go in the US.  All that is needed is an internet or cell connection.

Any time

Connect with an expert in record time. No wait rooms, no scheduling delay.

Rapid Diagnosis and Treatment

Physicians can make a determination after following our proprietary clinical process. Get the best on your side.

Expect an Expert

Our physicians have a minimum of 25 years of experience. We have the inside track to the worlds best.

98% satisfaction

Our patients are surveyed after the MDDirect experience and emphatically responded they have benefited from the experience.  Join them speaking with an expert in your condition or disease.

Connect with a specialist in hours

The average time to get to a GREAT physician specializing in musculoskeletal health is 7-14 days. Let's shorten that.

50% Reduction in Visits

Get better quicker with an accurate diagnosis.  Our studies have shown that getting to an expert eliminates unnecessary care.

25+ years of experience

We prioritize experience and knowledge with the physicians you will be speaking with.  Better outcomes come from experience.

Traditional Patient Experience

Not expert driven, delay in diagnosis

MDDirect Patient Experience

Rapid diagnosis and treatment

How it Works

Follow our simple 3 step process. Fill out our assessment online or with a nurse. You then get access to the nations top physicians. We measure accuracy and outcomes of care.

Fill out assessment
Speak to a specialist physician
Determine diagnosis and referral to highest rated local provider for care

What Our Customers Say

After spending 5 minutes with an MDDirect physician I understood more then all my other visits. He took the time to listen and explain the different course of treatments. I did not feel rushed to get off the phone or out the door!
MDDirect Member
I cannot believe how fast the response time was. It felt like instantly I was connected to an expert, they even told my doctor what to do.
MDDirect Member
This saved me so much time, and I feel so relieved.
MDDirect Member