Amazon, Berkshaw Hathaway, JP Morgan building a healthcare solution

Healthcare is ripe for change, everyone is starting to get in.  The recent announcement is such a great thing for an industry which has been resisting pure transformational change.  If Warren, Jeff and Jaime are getting in, the time is now.  I mean, Warren owns Fruit of the Loom. Here is the link top the most interesting one I read all week.

Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, JP Morgan in healthcare

Do they have the right strategy: cheaper drugs, making patient data readily available w/ technology and all of the other rumors?  Sounds all great but only time will tell.  Speculators can take it from here.  

What Does This Mean?

We see this as a the first alarm, and yes we expect the snooze button to be hit.  Winter is here and a few of us in the North are building the armies.

Amazon has one of the most efficient solutions, Berkshaw can find Money and JP has been around for a long time.  Exciting info, now to making a solution.

P.S. - > health insurance companies response has been interesting…...

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