2018 Employer Healthcare Benefit Trends


The National Business Group on Health just released their 2018 Trends to Watch.  This is consistent with our conversations with leaders today.  

The top trends are focused on value based contracts, leveraging technology to deliver care, the slow death of wellness programs and linking healthcare strategy to business performance.  

  • High value networks (Centers of Excellence) and ACOs are expected to grow 50%
  • Bundled payments are popular and account for 21% of COE arrangements
  • Telehealth is gaining traction with utilization rates climbing to 8% utilization (still seems low)
  • Employee experience with the healthcare system is much more important, focusing on high tough services and medical decision support
  • Point-solution fatigue is a factor now as solutions all are aimed at small areas and employers are struggling to aggregate
  • Wellness programs are fading
  • Opiod epidemic is causing employers to question their role and plan design to be a factor.

To find out more about this release check out the link to their site.